A Step Towards Comfort

We fabricate the custom inserts in our own laboratory with all processes under the management of our board certified Pedorthist.  If you live in our service area, we will schedule an appointment to come to your home for the casting and the fitting process or you can come to our Austin office to meet with your specialist. 

The fabrication process is described in the six stages below.


Our trained specialist will take a cast impression of your feet to ensure the absolute best fit for your needs.

Making the Mold

The custom cast impression of your feet will be used to make the mold for your inserts.  The specialist pours plaster into the cast, allowing it to harden.

Vacuum Forming

Our specialized equipment will be used in combination with the custom mold to vacuum form the insert to the exact shape of your foot.


Our trained specialist will grind and smooth the insert to allow for a comfortable and easy fit into your shoe.


The completed inserts will be placed into the shoes you have purchased for our wide-selection of shoes.  Any required adjustments will be completed before the fitting.


Our trained specialist will place your shoes with the custom inserts on your feet and confirm they fit your needs.

We strive for comfort in all our foot orthotic processes and services.